How to set up Kudos with Rewards?

Employee Recognition is a vital part of every good business. The role of Rewards is a way of acknowledging a good performance or a job well done with a reward.


One of the features of the Workmates app is Kudos.

It is an interesting and engaging way to give your employees and coworkers proper recognition and express respect or gratitude for their performance and effort.

If Kudos with Rewards are enabled, coworkers can assign points when giving Kudos.

The employee can redeem those points as soon as they appear in his Wallet inside the Kudos app or he can transfer them to his coworker. The choice is entirely up to the employee but it highly depends on options made available by the Admin.


If you decide to integrate Rewards into your Kudos app, you can choose which rewards you want to enable for your employees - Gift cards and/or Custom rewards

Additionally, you can enable your employees to Transfer their points to a Coworker by enabling the option "Transfer Points". That is the only way how an employee who isn't part of the spending limits can give out points to other employees.


  • Points Funding
    From here you purchase or add more points, depending on which rewards are enabled.
    This is also from where you can track down the company balance.
  • Spending Limits
    From here you can adjust points approval and spending limits.
    When enabled, you will be able to configure the number of points users can give out within a specified period.
  • Billing Information
    Under this tab, you can track registered credit cards ( needed for purchasing points) and check the order history.